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Learn The Condition Three &Condition Four of Carrying a Gun!

Condition Three

In Condition Three, the chamber is empty and there is a full loader in place inside the loader. Condition Three applies to both 1911 and Glock pistols. This is a way of carrying a regular pistol in the Armed Forces around the world. With a magazine loaded on the gun and the empty chamber, these pistols are in Condition Three.

The Israelis have gone so far as to include the actions of drawing, crouching and pulling the slider backwards in the technique which they teach along with Condition Three. The US military has long been using this configuration, in which the pistol is half-loaded, during guards and services. The US military has even developed a technique with a single hand by which when they pull the slide push down against the belt, or against the holster itself to mount the weapon.

It has been suggested that Condition Three is a safe condition in which you can keep a gun when children are at home. This theory is based on the assumption that a child is not able to pull the slide back, and thus, load the weapon. I believe that Condition Three is only suitable for storing a firearm as long as this half-loaded weapon serves as a secondary weapon and it is stored in a gunsmith or in a perfectly closed safe.


Condition Four

In Condition Four, which applies to any gun, the weapon is fully discharged and without the charger. In its most technically correct form, the slider must be held back and, therefore, the chamber is open. This condition must be used when inspecting a gun as well as storing it in a safe place. Before storing a gun for a long period of time, it is best to put it in Condition Four and make sure it is unloaded and bring the slide forward and lower the hammer.

In different ways, these conditions apply to all the semiautomatic pistols. These conditions also apply, according to design and mechanics, to some revolvers. For example, the Colt Single Action Army (Colt SAA) is better and safer to carry it loaded with five cartridges only and the hammer struck over an empty chamber.

The user of a pistol must be familiar with the mechanics of the chosen weapon. In addition to these Conditions of carrying weapon at home or at the firing range or wherever, the firearms must behave with the firearm pointing downwards. With the right knowledge gained through practice and experience, the chances of an unintended discharge are greatly reduced.

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